Had a meeting with Patrick and Linyun Friday morning about integrating OPeNDAP with the Earth System Grid (ESG) project.  ESG currently uses THREDDS Data Server (TDS) to serve data, and they would like to replace it with OPeNDAP.

The question is whether or not Hyrax, the front end of OPeNDAP, can do enough of what THREDDS does for it to be a suitable candidate.  To determine this, it will be necessary to understand how ESG is currently set up.  This will involve looking up information on Live Access Server (LAS), Ferret TDS (FTDS), and NCML (the xml for netcdf).  To facilitate our testing of dropping OPeNDAP into ESG we will need to install THREDDS, and TDS on Aquarius and see if we can get some THREDDS catalogs from ESG to play around with.

Right now, the primary focus is just to get OPeNDAP into ESG.  In the long term we would like to integrate ferret, so we can graphically represent the data for users.


~ by chambj2 on November 12, 2010.

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