Pre Thanksgiving Installing

Attempting to install a few things on aquarius before thanksgiving.  While installing TDS I see that it is using some sort of OPeNDAP, which I was under the impression it didn’t have.

Patrick wanted the TDS to be installed in /projects/esg/tds but the installation only required that a .war file be placed in /var/lib/tomcat6/webapps and to restart tomcat.  Restarting tomcat was a little annoying.  I had to be root and set the environment variable CATALINA_BASE to /var/lib/tomcat before it would start back up.

I looked in to installing the LAS too, but it would be useful to have the catalogs we will be working with before hand so I’ll hold off on that until we get the catalogs.

Continued working on the beslistener and somehow broke the pipe which is used to communicate between the BESServerHandler and its child.  Not sure what I did, but hopefully copious debug statements will shed some light on whats happening.

Happy Thanksgiving.


~ by chambj2 on November 23, 2010.

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